F-16 Multirole Fighter


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Con unas innovadoras tecnologías como controles de vuleo cableados, sofisticados sistemas para la noche y las operaciones con todo tipo de meteorología y la habilidad de transportar una gran variedad de armas, el F-16 demuestra constantemente que es el todoterreno de la USAF. Victorioso en todos sus enfrentamientos aire-aire, la asombrosa reputación del F-16 no conoce rival.


Requiere: Windows 2000, XP, Pentium 266 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 395 MB Libres


F-16 Multirole Fighter was developed with John A. Fergione, who is the chief F-16 test pilot for Lockheed Martin, and contains many new realism models not seen in previous Novalogic simulations:

In addition to the 6 tutorial missions and numerous quick missions, there are scripted campaigns in varied terrains such in Serbia, Liberia/Sierra Leone, Burma, and Somalia/Ethiopia. F-16 MRF is also playable on Novalogic's free Integrated Battle Space with up to 128 other pilots using Novalogic's MiG-29 and F-22 Raptor (it was developed in tandem with their MiG-29 Fulcrum product for this sole purpose).

Graphics are 3D-card accelerated (without any of the old Novalogic VoxelSpace codebase), with resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x768. Other options include a virtual cockpit and the LANTIRN system. Almost all the F-16 weapons such as the AGM-88 anti-radar missile and the new JDAM are available.

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