Imperivm II - La conquista de Hispania


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Iberos, cartagineses, romanos... en Hispania se decide el destino del mundo.

Año 238 a.C. Cartago emprende la conquista de la península ibérica como primer paso para recuperar su hegemonía en el Mediterráneo. Un plan que ni Roma ni los pueblos iberos están dispuestos a aceptar.

En Hispania se decide el destino del mundo conocido, un inmenso campo de batalla en el que brillan el genio de Aníbal, el arrojo de Escipión el Africano y la valentía de los guerreros iberos...

Imperivm II incluye dos campañas que recrean la conquista de Hispania desde las perspectivas cartaginesa y romana, donde los iberos jugaron un papel decisivo para el desenlace final.

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The Punic Wars - A Clash Of Two Empires (aka Nemesis of the Roman Empire, Imperivm II: La conquista de Hispania, Imperivm - Le guerre puniche) was developed by Haemimont Games and combines the RTS (real time strategy) and RPG (role playing game) genre into one. You get the chance to play either as one of the four mighty powers in single player or multiplayer challenges or relive the experience of key historical figures such as Hannibal in exciting adventures set against the Punic Wars. Read on to find out more about the Punic Wars, the main features of the game and the minimum PC spec requirements.

The Punic Wars

Historical Background
In the height of its glory, Carthage was the greatest power in the ancient world. With trade routes throughout the entire Mediterranean, there were hardly any others able or willing to dispute its strength. Goods, gold and slaves poured into the majestic city and were the source of its might. Countless mercenaries' armies were constantly acquired to ensure that all who threatened Carthage or its interest would be taken down. However, another Empire was also on the rise. The city of Rome too had begun to gain strength and soon decided to openly challenge their Carthaginian rivals. The time of the Punic Wars had begun.

The Roman Campaign
Seeing the power and influence of Carthage, the Senate of Rome decided that something should be done. An army was prepared and sent under a false pretext to Sicily. The First Punic war started when Carthage lost its advantage and was forced to withdraw from Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia. The Carthaginians were not prepared to lose their world dominance just like that. Its attention became focused on the Spanish peninsula. Seeing this, Rome responded and a fight for territory ultimately resulted in the Second Punic War. Yet at that time, Rome had already achieved dominance in Europe and managed to claim victory once more. All Carthaginian remnants were swept away from the continent though that did not calm the Senate of Rome. There were still rumours that Carthage might pose a threat once more. In order to prevent that, the Third Punic war began and Roman legions were despatched to Africa with orders to attack the rival city itself. Only a victory there would determine which of the two powers would remain.

The Carthaginian Campaign
For generations, the city of Carthage was seen as the most powerful in the known world and its empire was far greater than anyone could imagine. Sadly that was soon to change. After losing the First Punic War to Rome, a large sum had to be paid to the enemy and the Carthaginians lost Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia which forced them to search for another rich land to claim as their own. Their choice fell on Hispania. A large fleet set off for the Spanish peninsula to place it under Carthage's control. Expanding their influence through conquest made the Carthaginian Empire rise once more to its former splendour. However, it was not enough. Seeing this as an opportunity, Carthage's greatest general - Hannibal - decided to bring Rome to its knees. With an army of mercenaries and war elephants he made his way through the Alps and steadily progressed towards the heart of the Roman Empire itself - an event that would change history forever.



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Anno 264 a.C. Roma invade la Sicilia come primo passo per la creazione di un Impero. Un progetto che Cartagine non è disposta ad accettare e che scatena le Guerre Puniche. Il Mediterraneo si trasforma in un immenso campo di battaglia nel quale brilleranno la genialità di Annibale e il coraggio di Scipione l'Africano...

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