Queen of The Court!

Mac / PC

Categoría(s): Aventura

Object of the game
Shoot basket from 9 different positions around the Make it all the way around and back and you win a free show!

To Start:
Select your vitals statistics, then press"Go"

To Flip Coin:
Click on "Heads''' or "Tails" buttons, located along the right side of the screen, then click on ''Start" button, located along the bottom of the screen. If you win the toss, you shoot first.

To Shoot:
Move mouse to basketball/hands until mouse pointer changes into a small hand. Click once and pointer will disappear. Mouse movement now control basketball/hands movement. Shoot by moving basketball/hands forward. For stronger throwing, move mouse forward faster. For weaker throwin mouse more slow!

Chance, Life and Death:
If you miss a shot, you can choose to "Chance" it and shoot again. To Chance, click on the blinking "Chance" button. If you miss a Chance shot, you can choose to risk "Life" by clicking on the blinking "Life'' button. If you miss a Life shot, you can try a "Death" shot, but if you miss that, your game's over!

Note that when you (or your opponent) take a Chance or Life shot, the other player gets a free shot, and these free shots are cumulative. For instance, if you shoot and miss, then Chance it and make it, then shoot the next shot and miss then Chance and make it, that gives your opponent 2 free shots before she has to Chance it.

If you need a break from all this hard work, take a timeout in the Executive Box Seats, where you can enjoy some pleasant tunes and preview the girls in action.