So Blonde: Perdidos en el Caribe


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Del mismo autor que Broken Sword, llega esta aventura, protagonizada por una atractiva chica rubia. Sunny Blonde, una joven de 17 años, navega a bordo de un lujoso crucero por el Ocano Atlántico cuando una tormenta se cierne sobre sus vacaciones. Cuando se despierta se encuentra perdida en una isla con multitud de personajes locos. Sunny se dar cuenta en seguida que la isla está sellada con una poderosa maldición y que nadie puede marcharse. Únete a Sunny e investiga lo sucedido en la isla. Soluciona puzzles con un gran sentido del humor y unas situaciones absurdas que te harán pasar muy buenos momentos mientras solucionas lo sucedido en la isla maldita.


Sunny Blonde is best described as a pampered brat. She is the 17 year old daughter of rich parents and is more concerned with her make-up than with anything else. When she is forced by her parents to take part in a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle, the ship enters a storm and Sunny falls off the ship. A few hours later she wakes up on the Forgotten Island. At first glance it all looks like the most realistic vacation resort ever, but Sunny slowly realizes that the pirates and everything else are all real. Because of a mysterious curse, the island is damned to eternal isolation. So since Sunny can't get her mobile phone to work, she begins to explore the island, help its citizens, and will perhaps end the curse.

The game is a classic Point & Click Adventure which means that by using the mouse the player explores the 45 locations of the island. Picking up items, talking to people in multiple-choice dialogues and solving riddles by combining the retrieved items or using them to interact with the environment. In addition to that, the game also features several mini-games which the player can choose to ignore if he doesn't want to do them. But these mini-games are very simple. The very first mini-game, for example, requires the player to collect drops of water in a bucket. The drops of water enter the screen from the top and slowly move to the bottom while the player moves Sunny, who has the bucket in her hands, from left to right. The game ends either once the bucket is full of water or too many drops of water have hit the ground.

During the course of the game, the player will not only control Sunny Blonde but two other characters as well. The story, which is told with comic-like cut-scenes, also features multiple endings.

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