Hero X


Categoría(s): Cine - Drama

La A.S.H.A. (Asociación de Súper Héroes Americana) te ha elegido como defensor de Smalltown, una pequeña ciudad del corazón de América. A partir de ahora todo depende de ti.

Hero X es un juego de superhéroes en tercera persona en perspectiva isométrica en el que golpeas y te abres camino a través de los enemigos, además de usar algunos de tus superpoderes. Con más de 50 superpoderes para elegir, además de la capacidad de personalizar el aspecto de tu héroe (hasta cierto punto), tu estrategia será diferente cada vez que juegues.


In this "RPG" style action adventure, you are a former super hero sidekick and have been assigned to protect "Smalltown" by the A.S.H.A. (American Super Heroes Association). As you fight crime and put evildoers in their place, you climb the super hero ladder, your superpowers increase and you'll be promoted within the A.S.H.A.! Build your hero, male or female. Choose your costume from an unlimited combination of colors and decide on which of the over 50 superpowers you need and you're ready to hit the streets! Built on the renewed public interest in comic book stories, as exemplified in the X-Men and the Spiderman movie. Create a fun and exciting gaming experience through a progression of missions. The design gives gamers an "Open Ended" story and setting, which offers a perfect opportunity for sequels and expansions.

As a former apprentice to a superhero, you are ready to strike out on your own. You have been provisionally assigned to protect Smalltown from evil big and small. Unknown to you, the evil Mr. C has plans for Smalltown, and you are in the way! Defeat evil in various forms such as Biker Gangs, Frat Boys, Gangsters, Killer Clowns, and various super villains. Discover Mr. C's evil plot, and stop it before it's too late!

Hero X is an isometric perspective 3rd-person superhero game where you punch and kick your way through enemies as well as use some of your superpowers. With over 50 superpowers to choose from, plus ability to customize your hero's looks (to a certain extent), your strategy will be different each time you play.

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