Adventure Player

PlayStation Portable

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Una pieza única de software desde FromSoftware, Adventure Player es un creador de software para jugadores para crar e intercambiar juegos de aventuras con componentes gráficos completos. Crear historias interactivas, crear imágenes para ir junto con la historia, e intercambiar aventuras con amigos a jugar en su PSP con una Memory Stick Duo. Una serie de clásicos de aventuras de FromSoft también han sido convertidos a texto como muestra para los jugadores.


Adventure Player lets players create their own adventure games on their PC, and import them to be played on the PSP.

Playing a user-created adventure game on the PSP will require the Adventure Player UMD software and a Memory Stick Duo with the saved game data.

You can also create your own game data on PCs by using a development kit called Adventure Player Studio, which will become available once the game is released.

Adventure Player will come with three adventure game scripts by default. One of the game scripts to be included is Echo Night, which was a title released by From Software on the PlayStation in 1998. There will also be new scripts and other games to download from the company's official site.

Adventure Player also lets users create other kinds of games, such as puzzle games and quiz games. Of course, regardless of what type of games users create, they'll be able to send them to fellow PSP owners via the Internet or via the PSP's Wi-Fi connection.