Harvest Moon: Innocent Life

PlayStation Portable

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El jugador controla un androide llamado "Innocent Life" que va aprendiendo a lo largo de un gran viaje para resolver el misterio que existe entorno a unas ruinas.

El protagonista resucitará la Tierra Prohibida que habían cerrado los espíritus que vivián en las antiguas ruinas, intentando resolver el misterio de la isla.




  • There is a small island floating on the southern hemisphere, full of natural threats. The story takes place in the near future.
  • In the center of the island, there is a crater and its cordillera. The crate often throws fire at the northeast, thus preventing people and animals from entering.
  • On the southwest, there lies Volcano Harbor and Volcano Town, where everyone lives in.
  • On the east side of the cordillera, there lies the Easter Relic.

    There was a war broke out between the people who lives in Easter and Volcano. The Volcano people, who live beside a harbor, wanted to possess the fecund farmland in Easter, while the Easter people wanted to get their hands on the Volcano harbor, to develop oversea commerce. At the end, Easter lost the war.

    The elves who hated the war had been enraged by this foolish war. They sealed the path to the east, preventing the people of Volcano from stepping into the fecund land of Easter…