MediEvil Resurrection

PlayStation Portable

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Cientos de años han pasado desde que el malvado hechicero Zarok fué derrotaron en la Batalla de Gallowmere, heroicamente eliminado por un mortalmente herido Sir Daniel Fortesque. O, por lo menos, eso fue lo que la gente creyó; la verdad es que el pobre Sir Dan era un poco cobarde, y cayó en la primera ola de flechas. Ahora, Zarok ha regresado, cambiando el día en noche, y levantando un ejercito para conquistar la tierra. Como resultado de un extraño efecto, Dan fue también resucitado… Ahora tiene la oportunidad de vencer a Zarok y de convertirse, después de la muerte, en el héroe que nunca llegó a ser en vida.


One hundred years have passed since the evil Sorcerer Zarok was defeated at the Battle of Gallowmere, heroically cut down by a mortally wounded Sir Daniel Fortesque. Or at least, that's what the people were told; in fact poor Sir Dan was a bit of a coward, falling in the very first wave of arrows. Now Zarok has returned, turning day into night, and raising an undead army to conquer the land. As a side effect Dan has also been resurrected... now, he has the chance to defeat Zarok and in death become the hero he never was in life.

The third title in the multi-million unit selling MediEvil series, MediEvil Resurrection sees the return of the 'fearless' knight, Sir Daniel Fortesque. In his latest misadventure, Dan 'bravely' attempts to rescue the land of Gallowmere from the evil Zarok and in death, becomes the hero he never was in life.

One hundred years on and Sir Dan, still skeletal and jawless, is back in action in a visually stunning and highly entertaining production from SCEE's Cambridge Studio. Tailored for the PSP the ultimate in personal, portable entertainment, MediEvil offers quintessential action-adventure gaming on the go:

New levels, new moves: Lead Sir Dan across the magical land of Gallowmere taking in oodles of varied levels, new riddles, gazillions of combat moves and bucket-loads of weapons.

Action meets humour: Enjoy the enchanting new storyline and become part of the MediEvil universe, a place bursting with action and humour.

Play with friends: Experience true multiplayer gaming with 8 of new wireless multiplayer mini-games. Help on the Go: Meet the Voodoo Witch giving you in game 'help' and find the in-game manual stored in Sir Dan's crypt. The world of MediEvil is a weird and wonderful place, bursting with action and boundless humour. As players commence their journey they will notice they're not alone as Sir Dan now has a genie who accompanies him on his adventures and who lives in his skull!!

MediEvil brings action, adventure, humour and a challenge...and all of that with the power of the PSP