Ten no Kagi Chi no Mon (Heaven Key Earth Gate)

PlayStation Portable

Categoría(s): Acción


With the oriental-flavoured world – "Ouka" as the stage, Tenchi no Mon is an action RPG with unexpected plot developments just like sword fighting novels and focuses on smooth and elegant swordplay! Exquisite and detailed drawn beautiful images make people hold their breath, opening up whole new horizons, while the elaborate and elegant real-time combat system, which allows one to fell lots of enemies in one go, add excitement and coolness to this adventure. The depiction of the heroic plot, not only illustrates the main character's openhearted chivalrous character; the vow swearing at the sunset scene further shows his admirable goal of reviving martial contests.

All the sword styles in the game are recorded in a class of tolls known as "Sword Manual". The player has to try to acquire these sword manuals first before he can use the corresponding sword styles, which can be further developed into exciting "Record of Martial Skills (combination moves)". With more than 150 sword manuals, the use of glowing light to illustrate the flight of the sword, sword styles that are displayed in sword dances, the interaction between the five schools, the one-strike-kill Ki skills and other elements bring a lot of shocking diversions to combat. Besides the original combination moves, the player can also use his mind to choose the sword manuals he likes to create freely unique "Record of Martial Skills". The Ad-Hoc mode can be used to exchange sword manuals with other players or to fight with one another. This system full of welcome changes, not only retain the smoothness and speed of the action elements, but also, at the same time, creates the fun created by the many things that are controlled at will by the player.