Untold Legends: The Warriors Code

PlayStation Portable

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¿Qué oscura bestia se encuentra dentro de ti?

Han pasado 18 años desde que el sanguinario señor de la guerra asesinase a la familia Real y asumiera el rol de Emperador. Sus sirvientes del horror aún siguen esclavizando y asesinando a gente. Sólo algunos miembros de una secreta estirpe pueden traer la esperanza de un reino en libertad.

Potenciado motor de combate respecto al primer título de la saga. Mayor variedad y amplitud de movimientos, habilidades especiales, ataques dinámicos de oportunidad, y toda la intensidad de la acción hack-n-slash.


Untold Legends II splits into five chapters and a prologue. The story sounds pretty basic: something about an overly evil warlord who has unleashed all manners of evilness throughout the realm. But when members of a shape-shifting race start disappearing, things get a little more complicated. The game now includes spoken dialogue for every NPC encountered, as well as full in-game cutscenes. Each of these scenes will help push the narrative, and the game promises plenty of them.

Players will assume the role of a shape-shifter. The game packs five different shape-shifting class types, up one from the last game's four class types. They are, in no particular order: Disciple (mage), Scout (archer), Guardian (tank), Prowler (ranger) and Merc, who's somewhat of a mystery at the moment. Obviously, each of these characters excels in one area or another. The scout is best with ranged weapons, the Guardian can absorb and deal heavy damage, the Disciple can cast spells, and so on. Also, the new character creation system packs serious customization potential this time around. Players can choose 48 different skin tones, a slew of hair styles and clothing options, and more.