Space Invaders Evolution (Space Invaders: Galaxy Beat)

PlayStation Portable

Categoría(s): Arcade


More than just a retro gaming experience, Space Invaders Galaxy Beat spices up the classic arcade gameplay with an all-new rhythm game experience! In all new Future Mode, players take on 13 stages of approaching space invaders, as they move from Pluto all the way to Planet Earth. New enhancements to play include the addition of motherships, which must be taken out before they send out reinforcements. Future Mode is polygon-based, and provides three viewpoints for play, unlike the standard 2-D block playing field of the original Space Invaders. But the coolest new addition is the "Beat Attack", a special attack the player must use in time to the music. Doing so successfully changes the music, as well as dishes out massive damage to the invaders. For those looking for classic Space Invaders, a flawless port of the 1978 original is included. Multiplayer is supported via Match Mode, which allows 2 players to compete on one PSP. With wireless connectivity, up to 4 players can join in on the fun!

The game will have 4 play modes: