World Snooker Challenge 2005

PlayStation Portable

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World Snooker Championship 2005 offers gamers the ultimate simulation of the beloved game. As you might expect, this game has all the big names, but this time there's simply a lot more than any snooker game gone before. More features, options, game modes and faces to make this the ultimate must have snooker title for any serious fan.

Groundbreaking opponent AI and brand-new motion capture animations provided by Steve Davis offer a realistic look and feel to the proceedings. With over 100 professional Snooker players making it into World Snooker Championship 2005, the game is brimming with snooker stars. Mode wise players will enjoy a range of new options; additional competitions within the game include a "League of Champions" event that allows winners of the World Championship to pit their skills against former World Champions. Plus there are additional modes such as Bar Billiards and Snooker. The World of Snooker:

  • Over 100 top professionals from the world of snooker to take to the baize, including superstars Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Matthew Stevens and Paul Hunter.
  • All real locations from the 2004 / 2005 tour have been accurately modelled, including the legendary Crucible Theatre, home of the World Championships.
  • Unique s making it into World Snooker Challenge pits you against the best players in the world as you bid to beat them all.
  • New commentators - Steve Davis and John Parrott join John Virgo in a hugely improved and updated commentary system.
  • Brand new "Champions Trophy" unlockable mode.

    Improved Realism and Challenge:

  • Star players looks and movements are accurately modelled on their real-life counterparts.
  • Player AI has been significantly changed to allow players to play "characteristically" - the shots they play reflect their abilities.
  • Players now have "form" - players will hit hot streaks or lose form totally in tournaments.

    Improved Control:

  • The Aiming Aid has been upgraded to allow new players more and better control of difficult shots.
  • New "Tactile Control" analogue control system that allows better judgment of shot power than ever before. Other New Features:
  • Compete against your friends via Wi-Fi play.
  • Custom Tournaments.
  • New Doubles mode.
  • Coaching mode with Dennis Taylor.
  • Custom Player Creation - put yourself into the game.
  • Pool, Billiards, Bar Billiards and Snooker Plus modes.pionship 2005, the game is brimming with snooker stars.
  • Beschreibung

    World Snooker Challenge 2005 bietet nicht nur über 100 original Profis wie z.B. Ronnie O’Sullivan und Stephen Hendry, sondern auch alle realen Austragungsorte der kompletten Snooker-Saison.

    Im neuen Spielmodus „League of Champions“ können Sie sich direkt mit den lebensecht nachgestellten Superstars messen. Wer dem authentischen Spielerlebnis noch die Krönung aufsetzen will, kann sich sogar selbst als Spielfigur ins Bildschirmgeschehen integrieren: Über die ebenfalls neue „Charakter-Erstellung“-Option setzen Sie sich selbst in Szene und spielen Seite-an-Seite mit den weltbesten Snooker-Profis.