Pinball Classics The Gottlieb Collection

PlayStation Portable

Categoría(s): Pimballs


Based on world famous Gottlieb Pinball Tables, System 3 makes a dramatic return to games publishing with this simulation featuring 10 of the best Pinball Tables ever created by Gottlieb.

Gottlieb Pinball Classics is destined to become the best Pinball Simulation ever, on any console, with features exclusive to the PSP, state-of-the-art programming, stunning visual and audio effects make this a great gaming experience. For both novices and pinball aficionados, Gottlieb's Pinball Classics is a milestone in gaming.

System 3's unique game sharing mode - the first of its kind in the PSP community - allows two players to play against each other on separate PSPs, one table at a time, using the in-built WiFi capability and with only one machine needing a game UMD in it. This mode does not provide a 'free game' to another player but provides one table at a time which is removed from the guest PSP's memory as soon as it is powered down.

Up to 8 players can compete in a tournament (each player requiring their own copy of the game), playing live through the WiFi system to create a challenging team-play experience.

Switch between Portrait and Landscape screen modes on all tables, and choose from 6 different camera views to get the real Pinball sensation.

The game features real Gottlieb Pinball Table mechanics, dynamics, graphics and sounds all combined to make this simulation as accurate as it can be - a totally authentic and believable playing experience capturing the sights and sounds of a real arcade.

Hidden extras and 'un-lockable' features and tables help to keep the challenge fresh and players coming back for more.