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¡Las bestias más aterradoras en tus manos!

Monstruos que vagan libremente con dientes del tamaño de un ser humano, pero juntos, los cazadores de Monster Hunter podrán acabar incluso con el más feroz. Una tremenda lucha por la supervivencia intentando acabar con unos poderosos y aterradores seres provenientes de una lejana tierra.

Domina un mundo dinámico y despiadado, recoge armas especiales, cultiva la tierra para conseguir artículos vitales, y juega en modo multijugador en equipos de hasta cuatro jugadores.


Monster Hunter Freedom (Monster Hunter Portable in Japan) is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation Portable. The game's aim is to complete quests given by various people in the goal of attaining higher and more prestigious hunting ranks. This game is the third installation in the Monster Hunter series and it is based mostly on the second game, Monster Hunter G. However, this game contains many changes in order to allow playing through most quests alone. It was criticized for its unusually long loading-screens and its slow pacing, both of which have been improved in the sequel.

Just like its predecessors, Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter G, this game revolves around the player completing quests and gathering materials to upgrade their equipment in order to advance. The more rare the items and equipment, the stronger the main physical aspects of the character will be. Unlike other hack 'n' slash games, this game requires planning and skill in order to overcome large monsters instead of brute force. There are many weapons which the hunter can use to bring down the monsters, these are Sword and Shield, Great Swords, Dual Blades, Hammers, Lances, Light Bowguns and Heavy Bowguns. Each requires a variety of items to create which are acquired by completing quests, and collecting the spoils carved from monsters or found on the ground.

Singleplayer In this mode the player can do village elder quests, and enter the Offline Gathering Hall to do guild quests by themselves, and buy items to aid in the completion of the quest. The player can also tend to a farm to harvest useful items.

Multiplayer If players enter the Online Gathering Hall they can go on quests with other players via the PSP's adhoc. They can exchange guild cards which keep track of the characters stats. They can also go on treasure hunting quests. While the characters are waiting for others to join their quests there is a table they can sit at. While sitting at the table, you can push the different directions on the directional arrows to perform various animations such as swinging their beer mug, or passing out from drunkenness. Players can also use third party software to connect with other players over the internet to play with each other wirelessly.

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