Daisenryaku Portable

PlayStation Portable

Categoría(s): Estrategia


The game takes place on a battle field of hexagons starting out with an army that first needs to be built. The player must assemble an army of up to 50 units with limited funds available, and should capture cities and factories to increase its coffers. The units are real-life versions of existing military hardware from several nations. Through combat experience, the player can unlock two more versions of a certain unit (such as the Patriot missile system being upgraded to PAC2 and PAC3 models). The factions in the game are fictional versions of Japan, USA, Russia, China, North Korea, and Britain, with two other countries needing to be unlocked.

Portable's main campaign takes place in the Far East in the year 20XX. The player is a commander in the Wild Geese mercenary force aiding either one of two factions. There are 28 stages in all, but the player may not be able to access all of them in one play-through. Certain conditions in a number of stages, such as failing to take the enemy capital by the end of the last turn, can unlock the other stages