Tank Racer

PlayStation 1

Categoría(s): Acción, Carreras


Es apasionante. Es rápido. Es peligroso. Vigila tus espaldas cuando entres en la carrear más increíble del munod, donde la sensación de destrozar a tus oponentes y arrasar edificios ¡es casi tan satisfactoria como ganar!


You'll have to watch your back, front and sides when you enter the world's wackiest race because Tank Racer is much more than just a racing game. It places as much emphasis on its 'inter-tank' battles as it does on the racing. Blasting your opponents to smithereens and bulldozing through buildings feels almost as good as winning! And there are lots of buildings to demolish… from cosy cottages in the English countryside to wooden huts in a swampland and even a moon-based space station. But the battle doesn't stop there. As well as the different racing tracks there are also dedicated battle arenas where the aim is purely to annihilate your challenger before he annihilates you.