Men in Black: Crashdown

PlayStation 1

Categoría(s): Acción


Unos acechan por ahí, otros se deslizan por allá... asquerosidades alienígenas ilegales que se arrastran por todas partes. Como Agente MIB, tu trabajo consistirá en proteger la Tierra de la escoria del Universo. ¡No hay tiempo que perder!: ajústate la corbata, coge un desatomizador de serie 4, conviértete en el Agente Jay o en el Agente Kay y protege nuestro planeta de toda esa chusma alienígena.


Earth. Third planet from the sun. Atmosphere primarily composed of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), and argon (<1%). Home to over six billion carbon-based lifeforms, species homo sapiens. Preferred vacation destination for millions of intergalactic travelers throughout the galaxy. Preferred hideout for thousands of hostile aliens on the lam.

As a member of our elite, top secret branch of the U.S. government known as the Men In Black, it is your solemn duty to protect the earth from the scum of the universe. To aid you in this directive, the agency will equip you with the most advanced nanotechnology and energy-based weapons systems on the planet. However, you must be ever vigilant in never revealing the presence of aliens to regular citizens, as that forbidden knowledge would lead them to certain insanity. Without question, this is the most difficult job in the known universe. We accept only the best of the best, and demand nothing but professional excellence from our agents.

So, do you think you have what it takes to become one of the Men In Black? Good. Let's rock!

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