Ford Rancing

PlayStation 1

Categoría(s): Carreras, Deportes

Demuestra tu destreza al volante de todos y cada uno de los laureados modelos de Ford: turismos, de carreras, prototipos y hasta camiones. Ningún otro juego de carreras te ofrece tanto realismo..


Ford Racing is similar gameplay-wise to Need 4 Speed: Porsche Unleashed, with the obvious difference of controlling Ford cars instead of Porsche. There are eight versions of each vehicle; two 97 models, two 98 models, two 99 models, and two 2000 models. Each model varies in performance, the slowest being the 97 models and the fastest being the 2000 models.

The player can compete in single-player mode where he gets to choose the cars and tracks freely if unlocked in the second game mode, the career mode, which is more ambitious. Here the player takes the role of a low ranked driver, starting with slower cars and paving his way to the top. Also in the career mode it is possible to upgrade the tires, suspension, transmission, brakes, and engine of the car, as well as reduce its weight.

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