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Tú llevarás al Equipo Star Fox hasta la... ¡Victoria!

En el lejano sistema estelar Lylat, imagínate al mando de la futurística y fuertemente armada nave de guerra espacial Arwing.

Tú diriges el contraataque de la invasión de cientos de tanques alienígenas, naves de guerra, plataformas de disparo de rayos láser y super acorazados. Maniobra a velocidades increíbles entre cañones envueltos en niebla, densos cinturones de asteroides y oleadas de las más sofisticadas operaciones defensivas enemigas. Tendrás que usar toda tu habilidad y astucia para lograr llevar la lucha al terreno enemigo, el planeta Venom, y destruir el Cerebro Central para obtener la victoria.

A bordo tienes el micro chip Super FX para un ágil control del juego y efectos especiales nunca antes posibles en un videojuego doméstico. la acción surge en todas las direcciones en un tiempo realista y tridimensional.


You are the leader of the Star Fox team, Fox McCloud. General Pepper asks you for your help. He asks you to go to Venom and destroy the Evil Andross. There are 3 courses of difficulty and plenty of weapons and power ups to get the job done. Your team is Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad. They will assist you on you adventure. There is also a simulation view which brings you inside the Airwing. The practice mode will help you get better at the control stick and make it easier when you do the harder routes. Use every trick in the flight manual to get your self through many of the obstacles as you spin, boost, attack and dodge obstacles in almost any way possible.

For a Super NES game the graphics are out superb. This game uses the FX chip, which makes the environment look much more like a three dimensional one. Sometimes though, the graphics may slow the game down (which rarely happens) if there are to many objects on the screen. All the enemies are 3D animated as well as the bosses of Star Fox, which make this game one of the best games to own on you Super NES or Famicom System. The brilliant colors also add to the games environment. There are also excellent animation sequences, such as the escape from Andross. There is also a cockpit view, which places you in the driver's seat of the Airwing.

Star Fox was perhaps one of the only Super Nintendo games to have a talking sequence. The 3D sound added to the environment as well. The sound FX is excellent as well as the level music. The talking sequences are almost as clear as they are on the Nintendo 64. There are no late sound FX or mistakes in the sounds. The radio voices also allow you to ignore the idiotic comments (and quite annoying one’s at that) conducted by Slippy (Dumb Toad! )

Star Fox has 3 difficulty settings. Each setting is a route to a new course. So don't assume the hard course has the same levels as the easy course. The easy course is represented as "Level 1". It is the default setting for Star Fox. The ending also depends on which course you take. The Medium Course is represented by "Level 2", the course furthest to the left of your screen. It's still not to tough but harder than Easy. The Hard Course is represented by "Level 3."