Killer Instinct


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Killer Instinct for the Super NES was the original home edition of this classic arcade game. It has action, graphics and sound that annihilates all other combat games! Like the arcade version, this amazingly accurate translation is set in the future: a world controlled by the mega corporation known as Ultratech. In this ravaged futuristic world, the Killer Instinct tournament has become the most renowned form of entertainment. Fighters have their own reasons for participating, but it takes strength, speed and strategy to be successful. It takes a killer instinct!

To conquer this game, you'll need to master the special moves and the combo system. There are Auto Doubles, Air Doubles, Press and Release moves, Finishing moves, Humiliations, and many, many more killer moves. While all of the characters have long range and short range attacks, each character has his or her own unique style. T.J. Combo, for example, is best used with close, in-your-face combat, while Cinder is better suited for long-distance attacks and trickery.

This game features all 10 characters from the original arcade edition including the boss Eyedol. With all of the combos, stages, sound effects and spectacular Advanced Computer Modeling (ACM) graphics, KI is considered by many to be the best Super NES fighting game ever.