Disney Princess: El Castillo de las Princesas

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Disney Princesses The Crystall Ball Adventure

Somewhere deep in the forest, there is a mysterious place where all kinds of magical and wonderful things happen. One day, Lila, a little girl who loves to discover new things, comes across a beautiful castle hidden in the woods while out riding on her unicycle. Ever curious, Lila decides to explore this delightful place and she uncovers some enchanted crystal balls. Intrigued, Lila looks into one of the crystal balls, and a Disney Princess magically appears. Each of the crystal balls reveals a Disney Princess-- Ariel, Belle, or Cinderella-- and the Disney Princesses need your help. It’s up to you and Lila...

To help the Disney Princess, Lila has to collect as many tokens as possible in the castle. It is a great challenge to find enough tokens to help the Disney Princess because the castle is full of magic and fantasy. Only girls as bright and brave as Lila and you will be able to help.

The Disney Princesses are waiting for you. If you wish to hear an enchanting Disney Princess story, start your adventure with Lila!