Toy Story 2: El rescate de Woody



Toy Story 2: Operation Rescue Woody

Learning Adventure

Crossing the Road (Path 1) Cross 5 different streets which are randomly generated where you have to avoid obstacles. On higher difficulties more obstacles including a skate board exclusive to the harder mode.

Giant Door (Mini-Game 1) Jump at the right time with the door behavior in order to get it open at the right moment. You'll get 4 attempts per round to do it right. Higher difficulties will require you control four characters to time your jumps properly instead of the more easy three.

Toy Barn Race (Path 2) On your way to the end of the stage you'll have to touch crates that matches the given letter, or word on hard difficulty. You can access secret areas for the first time here for bonus points.

The Maze of Vents (Path 3) Inside the air ducts of Al's apartment you'll have to navigate the three different mazes while avoiding obstacles like Zurg and spikes. Secrets are accessed by pressing a blue button found in the maze which gives stars for points.

Airport Dash (Mini-Game 2) You must quickly drive through the highway avoiding other passing vehicles. Usually only two cars will appear at a time (not counting yours), unless on hard which will have three at a time appear instead.

Conveyor Belt Panic (Path 4) You must search the luggage for Woody and the green aliens. Opening a green one will give you a math problem to solve. Failing a problem will give damage to you. Of the three sections, one has a pole you must climb, and another has you go through the metal detector. While doing this you have to also watch for Stinky Pete who will hide in orange luggage, and try to attack from the side. On easy the math problems will be in objects, while harder shows the actual number in the equation.

Learning Zone

Missing Toy Pick the thing that does not belong with that group.

Baggage Search Find the object that goes with the word from inside one of the luggage. Picture hint on easy, while just a letter hint on hard.

Alien Uni-Mind Pick the correct 3D form of a 2D shape. Most of the top views have no edge lines inside the shape on easy while top views have edge lines inside the shape on hard.

Cowboy Gallery Shoot the correct answer to the math problem. Easy mode shows the problem with objects while hard uses actual numbers.