Zayzoo: mi amigo del espacio



Zayzoo My Alien Classmate

Hi, I’m Zayzoo and I come from the Planet Z. Zayzoo took a field trip to earth. The earth is pretty and I really love it! However, I got left behind from my field trip and I met two new earth friends. They brought me to their school and so now I start my school life. Want to know what exciting things happen in school? Let’s go!

Learning Adventure

In this play mode, you can help Zayzoo to get back to his planet by completing four exciting learning games in school. Start playing from the beginning by entering Adventure Play or practice your skills in each of the adventure games individually by entering the Quick Play area

Adventure 1 – Learning Playground Help Zayzoo to learn a new language on his first day at school. In the Easy Level, Zayzoo will be given a letter and he must find the kid who is holding the word that begins with that letter. In the Normal Level, Zayzoo will be given a picture and he must find the kid who is holding the word that matches that picture. In the Hard Level, Zayzoo must find the kid holding a word that means the opposite (antonym) of the word he is holding.

Adventure 2 - Treasure Lab Inside the science lab there are four treasure chests. Zayzoo has to find a way to open them.

In the Easy level, Zayzoo must collect the correct number of objects according to the requirement of each chest .

In the Normal and Hard levels, each treasure chest has a different key requirement to open it.

Zayzoo must complete the equation in order to earn a key for the chests. Once Zayzoo has earned a key, he must select the treasure chest that uses that key. He must open all four chests to collect the required pieces for the communication machine.


Zayzoo leert op school woordjes, rekenen, vormen en nog veel meer. Doe met hem mee en zorg ervoor dat hij terug kan naar zijn eigen planeet!