Estudio de Arte



V.Smile Art Studio was a V.Smile game released in 2005 that uses a controller with a built in drawing pad.

The game has many modes, and these modes are different from a regular V.Smile game, Whereas regular V.Smile games have 4 modes, Learning Adventure, Learning Zone, Sing Along and Options, V.Smile Art Studio has an entirely different set of modes made specifically for the game itself. Free Draw, Art Lesson, Creative Play, and Practice Time.

Free Draw is just that, it lets you freely draw whatever you want. This is the only game where Jumper (AKA V.Pal) doesn't appear on-screen for most of the time.

Art Lesson has several options, Line Drawing, Shape Drawing, Shape Combination, Color Filling, Color Mixing, Object Drawing, and Animation. Add the two missing info to this part

Line Drawing teaches you how to draw lines.

Shape Combination teaches you how to combine shapes to make certain objects. One example is a car.

Color Filling has you filling images with the correct colors. You have a total of 13 colors to pick from.

Color Mixing has you mixing colors. The colors you have are Red, Yellow, Blue, and White, The "Hard Level" as mentioned by Jumper (A.K.A V.Pal) gives you many more colors to pick from.

Someone please post clear gameplay of all the modes and the entire game (Creative Play already has clear footage.)

Creative Play has Rainbow Chase and Toy Maker, which don't use the drawing tablet for drawing anything.

Rainbow Chase has you collecting 7 Rainbow Colors in order to beat the 2 levels that it has.

Toy Maker has you moving the correct parts onto the toy to complete it.

The last mode is Practice Time, which has Animation Maker and Coloring Fun