The Backyardigans: Viking Voyage



The Backyardigans: Viking Voyage is based on the Nick Jr. TV series The Backyardigans. As the Backyardigans go on a voyage to find unclaimed land, you are along to help them. In the jungle level, you can use the actions buttons to help Pablo run, jump, and find fruit for their adventure. There are occasionally roadblocks on Pablo's path, where you need to tell him how to fix it. After the jungle level, you must catch big fish and small fish with Uniqua and Pablo. Once you get into the ocean with your ship, you must row the ship to keep it moving while avoiding rocks and collecting pieces of the map. Once you finish collecting the map, you must put Tasha to sleep so she gets out of your way and finally make it to the unclaimed land. The game also has difficulty levels for younger and older children.

Learning Adventure

Adventure 1 - Jungle Island

Game Play
Vikings Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua are setting out to discover a land that no one has discovered yet, but first, they must stop at a nearby jungle island to gather food for their long voyage. Help Viking Pablo collect fruit in the jungle.

Help Pablo choose the correct log to repair the broken bridge.

Overcome obstacles by using the DASH and PUSH skills.

Curriculum: Vocabulary, Counting, Color Patterns

Mini Game: Going Fishing

Game Play
Vikings love to eat fish, so help Viking Pablo catch some for the long voyage ahead! Help the Vikings catch fish that match the size of Pablo’s bucket.

Curriculum: Size Comparisons

Adventure 2 – Sea Voyage

Game Play
The Vikings set sail over the North Sea to find an undiscovered land. Use the joystick to move the Viking ship and avoid the dangerous rocks. The Vikings will have to cross three different regions on their sea voyage: the Doldrums, the Stormy Rocky Region and the Whirlpool.

Since there is no wind in the Doldrums, help the Vikings row by pressing ENTER to use the PUSH skill and move the ship across the sea. When you come to a split in the sea-path, follow Pablo’s clues to help the Vikings choose the correct path.

In the Stormy Rocky Region, the Vikings will need your help to steer the boat through the rocks. Press ENTER when the cursor points to the target to steer the boat through the rocks.

And watch out for that whirlpool! To help the Viking ship escape, press ENTER over and over to fill the power bar full of energy.

Curriculum: Counting, Hand-eye Coordination

Mini Game: Tasha the Mermaid

Game Play
Oh no! Mermaid Tasha has stopped the Viking ship, and now she’ll make them sing to her forever! Help the Vikings outsmart her by singing her a lullaby. Complete their song by choosing rhyming words.

Curriculum: Rhyming

Adventure 3 – Sandland

Game Play
The Vikings land on an island that nobody has discovered yet and decide to name it Sandland. They want to explore the new land, but a sudden sandstorm stops them. It seems that strange statues are causing the sandstorm.

Help Viking Tyrone follow the clues on the sign to open and close the statues’ mouths, and stop the sandstorm.

Overcome obstacles by using the DASH, PUSH and TIPTOE skills.

Curriculum: Logic, Problem Solving

Adventure 4 – Secret Temple

Game Play
Deep inside Sandland, the Vikings find a secret temple. They want to explore the temple and search for Viking plunder, but there are many locked doors and other challenges.

Key Puzzle: Help Viking Uniqua find the key that matches the shape of the keyhole.

Pipe-Turning Puzzle: Help Viking Uniqua line up the pipe pieces to let the ball fall down and trigger the lock.

Overcome obstacles by using the DASH, PUSH and LIMBO skills. Collect coins along the path, to add to your Viking treasure!

Curriculum: Problem Solving, Shape Recognition

Learning Zone

Zone 1: Sand Slide Race

Game Play
The Vikings are racing down the sand slide to reach the Secret Temple of Sandland. You can choose one of the three Vikings to control. As you race, move your Viking from side to side to pick up the numbered flags that match the flags on the screen. When your energy bar is full, you will get a burst of speed!

Curriculum: Number

Zone 2: Rain Dance

Game Play
To make it rain in Sandland, the Vikings have to do the rain dance shown on a mysterious stone tablet.

Choose a Viking to play with. Player 1 is on the left side; Player 2 is on the right side. The middle Viking is a “leader,” who will show you how to do the dance.

Remember the moves in the rain dance, and press the color buttons to follow them.

Curriculum: Memory

Zone 3: Viking Hide-and-Seek

Game Play
See if you can spot the Vikings in the Secret Temple of Sandland. Choose a Viking to play with, and find him or her behind the objects in the room. Use the joystick to catch the Viking as quickly as you can!

Curriculum: Observation, Hand-eye Coordination

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