Spider-Man y Amigos: Misiones secretas



Spider-Man and Friends: Secret Missions

In Spider-Man and Friends: Secret Missions, join forces with SpiderMan, Spider-Girl and Wolverine and help them to solve problems around town. With exciting journeys, you’ll learn spelling, animal names, counting, money concepts, problem solving and much more!

Spider-Man Raised by his Aunt May, Peter Parker has unique abilities that he uses to help others. Under the secret identity of Spider-Man, Peter possesses superhuman strength and reflexes. No matter where he swings, Spider-Man always remembers that with great power comes great responsibility.

Spider-Girl May Parker is Spider-Man’s younger cousin and possesses the same abilities as the famous wall-crawler. Like Spider-Man, Spider-Girl can spin webs and uses them to swing all over the neighborhood while helping others

WolverineA well traveled young hero, Logan has lived in both Canada and Japan. Sometimes made fun of by the kids at school for being different, Logan secretly possesses a desire to help others as Wolverine.


Spider-Man & ses amis: Missions Secrètes


Spider-Man & Freunde: Geheime Missionen