Spider-Man y Amigos: La aventura del Doctor Octopus



Spider-Man and Friends: Doc Ock´s Challenge

Doc Ock has landed his floating experiment base over the town! And he is planning to make a nuisance in this lovely place! Spider-Man & Friends are coming back again to help stop him.

In Spider-Man & Friends: Doc Ock’s Challenge, join forces with SpiderMan, Storm and Thing to help stop Doc Ock from causing problems in town! During your adventure in Doc Ock’s base, you will learn about the nine planets, the food pyramid, directions, logic, and much more.

Raised by his Aunt May, Peter Parker has unique abilities that he uses to help others. Under the secret identity of Spider-Man, Peter possesses superhuman strength and reflexes. No matter where he swings, Spider-Man always remembers that with great power comes great responsibility.

Ororo Munroe is descended from an ancient line of African priestesses, all with the potential to wield magic. Sometimes made fun of by the kids at school for being different, Ororo secretly possesses a desire to help others as Storm, who has the ability to control the weather. Storm likes all types of weather and can play with the best of them, rain or shine.

A loyal friend to all, young Ben has a great interest in astronauts and all things outer space. A very curious young man, Ben is always eager to explore new things and likes to take on challenges. As Thing, he uses his super strength to help people when they are in trouble, and he’s never afraid to tell someone when they’re doing something that they shouldn’t be.


Spider-Man & ses amis: Le Défi du Docteur Ock