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El videojuego 007 Legends cuenta con una historia original, creada en base al argumento de seis de las películas clásicas, incluyendo detalles del título que se presentará este año – SKYFALL – todo ello pensado para ofrecer la experiencia Bond más completa hasta la fecha. Al igual que en los largometrajes, el videojuego 007 Legends equipa a los jugadores con los gadgets más sofisticados del mundo del espionaje, un completo arsenal de armas, incluyendo la clásica Walther PPK, elegantes vehículos y exóticas localizaciones. Los jugadores tendrán que utilizar su ingenio, clase y estilo para derrotar a los villanos del universo Bond, realizando acrobacias increíbles y, por supuesto, hacer que las mujeres más hermosas del mundo se rindan a sus encantos.

Además de la historia principal, 007 Legends incluirá el modo de juego Mi6 Ops Missions, que apareció por primera vez en GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, desafiando a los jugadores a completar misiones extra muy diversas, como los niveles de sigilo y uso de gadgets, o las competiciones online para conseguir las mejores puntuaciones. Por primera vez, los jugadores podrán revivir las misiones más impactantes en primera persona, adoptando tanto la figura de 007, como la de los principales villanos de la franquicia. La experiencia multijugador incluye opción de juego para cuatro jugadores en pantalla dividida, y un modo de juego competición online, con nuevos mapas, armas y personajes variados. Con más gadgets y mejor jugabilidad, 007 Legends ofrece la combinación perfecta para que el jugador pueda sentirse como un verdadero espía.


007 Legends is a first-person shooter video game featuring the character of British secret agent James Bond. It was developed by Eurocom and released by Activision in October 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, November 2012 for Microsoft Windows and December 2012 for Wii U. The game is available as physical optical disc media, as well as a digital release download via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on date of release. Like other Activision-published games prior to 2014, it had yet to appear as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop, although this is irrelevant in this game's case as it was removed off all other digital stores without warning.

The PAL Wii U version of the game was released in some parts of Europe on 6 December 2012, and in the United Kingdom on 21 December 2012. The release was completely cancelled in Australia.

The game was released to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the James Bond film series. To achieve this the single player campaign includes one mission from each of the six actors' eras, being Goldfinger (Sean Connery), On Her Majesty's Secret Service (George Lazenby), Moonraker (Roger Moore), Licence to Kill (Timothy Dalton) and Die Another Day (Pierce Brosnan), with Skyfall (Daniel Craig) released as downloadable content for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and included on disc for the Wii U version. Additionally, some of the original talent from the films add their likenesses and voices to their associated characters. 007 Legends is the fourth and final James Bond game title to be released by Activision, as well as the last game Eurocom developed before the company ceased operations

While pursuing the mercenary Patrice in Istanbul, MI6 agent James Bond (Likeness of Daniel Craig, Voice of Timothy Watson) is accidentally shot and wounded aboard a train by his partner Eve Moneypenny. Plunging into the river below, Bond begins to flash back to several of his previous missions that took place in-between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

In Miami, Bond awakens in a hotel room to find Jill Masterson dead from skin suffocation, coated in gold paint. Days later in Switzerland, Bond infiltrates the facility of Auric Goldfinger, the man responsible for Masterson's death. He discovers Goldfinger's plan to irradiate the United States Gold Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky in Operation Grand Slam. Bond manages to convince Goldfinger's personal pilot, Pussy Galore, to inform the CIA, and he and the Army manage to thwart Goldfinger's scheme in the nick of time.

In the Swiss Alps, Bond and his lover Contessa Teresa "Tracy" di Vicenzo, daughter of Italian Unione Corse boss Marc-Ange Draco, escape via skis from the soldiers of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a terrorist mastermind residing in his mountaintop lair, Piz Gloria. Bond is injured by helicopter gunfire, and Tracy is in turn captured by Blofeld's men. Some time later, Bond and Draco lead an aerial attack on Piz Gloria in order to rescue Tracy. They succeed. However, on their honeymoon, Bond and Tracy are attacked by Blofield and the latter is killed.

Bond finds his CIA agent friend Felix Leiter maimed in his house alongside his dead wife. The man responsible is Franz Sanchez, a Mexican drug lord whom Bond and Leiter had unsuccessfully attempted to take down weeks earlier. On a quest for vengeance, Bond and DEA agent Pam Bouvier infiltrate Sanchez's facility inside an old Otomi temple, intent on killing him. A car chase ensues, and Bond kills Sanchez with the lighter given to him by Felix on his wedding day.

In Iceland, Bond and NSA agent Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson arrive at a party held by billionaire philanthropist Gustav Graves, who is believed to be involved in the theft of military satellite components. Jinx spots Zao, a rogue Korean People's Army operative who killed two of Jinx's colleagues, and believes he may be involved. They learn that Graves plans to weaponize ICARUS, a satellite used to reflect sunlight, in order to destroy South Korean forces on the DMZ, opening the way for a North Korean invasion of the South. Bond and Jinx manage to board Graves' plane after a lengthy car chase with their Aston Martin DBS V12, killing Zao in the process. The ensuing firefight causes the plane to head downwards in a tail spin, but Bond manages to kill Graves and escape with Jinx.

In Brazil, Bond and Holly Goodhead, a NASA scientist moonlighting as a CIA agent, infiltrate the rocket launch facility of Hugo Drax, a billionaire industrialist who has started his own private space exploration program. They quickly learn that Drax, a twisted social darwinist, intends to wipe out the human race while creating his own new 'master race' from personally selected specimens, spared from the destruction of Earth via biological weapons on-board Drax's personal space station. Bond and Goodhead manage to get on board the station via shuttlecraft, and proceed to destroy it and kill Drax by blowing him out of an airlock.

Back in the present, Bond regains consciousness on the river bank, injured, but very much alive. A few days later, he is seen in Shanghai following Patrice to prevent the assassination of an unknown figure (undisclosed in the game, unlike the film), which 007 succeeds in and kicks Patrice off a building to his death before Bond can learn of his employer's identity . After finishing his report to M through a phone call, he is informed by Tanner that another mission awaits him to fight against Raoul Silva.

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