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The following is a list of smartphones.

Open or multi-OS

Symbian OS

FOMA (non-UIQ)

Nokia S60 (former Series 60)

Nokia 6680 running a WAP browser

See also: S60 platform

Nokia Series 90

  • Nokia 7700 (produced in very limited numbers, this was the first series 90 phone. Though never available to consumers it was used in several commercial applications as a test of the interface.)
  • Nokia 7710


Palm OS

Windows CE / Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition based Sagem My S-7


HTC makes a number of phones which are rebranded by other companies[1]:

HTC Universal


The embedded Linux OS for Motorola's smartphones is currently being developed at the company's Personal Communication Sector (PCS) in Beijing, China. NEC and Panasonic phones are for the FOMA 3G network in Japan.

See also: Embedded Linux