Brave: A Warrior's Tale

Xbox 360


La emocionante historia de maduración de un joven nativo americano, ambientada en un fantástico mundo de magia y mitología. Revive las aventuras de tus ancianos y adquiere las habilidades que necesitarás para vencer al malvado Wendigo.


Brave: A Warrior's Tale is an action-adventure video game developed by Collision Studios and published by Evolved Games and SouthPeak Interactive for the Xbox 360. The Xbox version shipped to North American retailers on August 4, 2009, with the Wii version shipping shortly after.

Armed with Brave's stories and teachings, as well as various weapons including the Spirit Dancer's Tomahawk and the powerful Warrior's Bow, Courage will battle dangerous creatures such as fierce wolves, fallen warriors and the Wendigo in order to protect his tribe.

"Brave: A Warrior's Tale" is a HD Port of Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer, a PS2 game from the year 2005, Wii version is 1:1 copy of the PS2 with only changed control scheme. Developers renamed it to hide the mediocre reviews Brave received. But still the new remade Xbox360 HD and the Wii SD version suffers from the same PS2 issues, only changes made in this version are (this counts only for the XBOX360 version): Game plays in native 720p resolution and has 4x AA with V-sych turned on.