Cabela's Alaskan Adventure

Xbox 360


Cabela's Alaskan Adventures (also known as Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 10th Anniversary Edition - Alaskan Adventure for Windows) is a hunting video game which was developed by Sand Grain Studios, FUN Labs, and Magic Wand Productions and published by Activision for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable video game consoles and Microsoft Windows.

The game features twelve different maps including Alaska and numerous bears such as the grizzly bear, black bear, glacier bear and polar bear for the tutorial. Other hostile animals include coyote, wolverine, lynx, Arctic wolf, gray wolf, musk ox, bison and Roosevelt elk. Yukon moose and mountain goat are available to hunt as well as Dall sheep, stone sheep, barren-ground caribou, and Sitka deer. Birds include Canada goose, harlequin duck, spruce grouse, and ptarmigan.