Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Xbox 360

Desarrollador: Codemasters Wikipedia MobyGames

Colin McRae: Dirt 2 incluye una serie de pruebas todoterreno contemporáneas que lleva a los jugadores a los entornos reales más diversos y desafiantes. Esta Gira mundial hace que los jugadores compitan en agresivas carreras de varios coches y en intensas carreras en solitario por extraordinarios trazados nuevos, desde carreras por cañones y senderos por la selva a pruebas en estadios de ciudades.


As it's predecessor, the racing-game DiRT 2 doesn't just focus on accurately simulating the Rallye-sport like the earlier installments of the Colin McRae-Series did. Instead eight types of Offroad-events await the player during the main campaign called DiRT Tour:

Each event requires either a different car or at least a so-called race-pack for that car both bought with the money earned by winning these events. Each car can be customized both visually and under the hood with parts unlocked by gaining a level. Experience points are awarded both for finishing races as well as completing missions like jumping over the finish line or getting through a race without any damage. The amount of cash earned at the end of each race, is influenced by the difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. In addition the difficulty-level also changes the amount of flashbacks that are available for the race (from five to none). Flashbacks allow the player to rewind the action a few seconds when he made a mistakes or crashed and allows him to try that section again - hopefully without making the same mistake a second time.

The game features many real-world racers including their voices and their cars who give the player tips during the course of the DiRT-tour and also offer him additional challenges including duels and time trials. They'll also take part in team-events with the player, if he keeps them happy by not crashing into them that often during races.