Perdidos (Lost: Via Domus)

Xbox 360

Categoría(s): Aventura

¿Sobreviviras a la isla? Te encuentras entre los restos del vuelo Oceanic 815. Los supervivientes están gritando, hay explosiones y escombros por todas partes. Y no puedes recordar lo que ha pasado. Experimenta la historia nunca antes contada del nuevo superviviente del vuelo 815. Lucha por sobrevivir, revela secretos y une las piezas para descubrir su misterioso pasado. Y si tienes suerte, encontrarás el camino a casa.


After Oceanic 815 crashes, survivor Elliott Maslow finds himself on a mysterious island. His cloudy memories and an attack on his life put him at odds with his fellow castaways. Soon he finds himself caught in a struggle between the survivors and the island's original inhabitants. If only he could remember the past.

Lost: Via Domus ties in to the hit television series. The third-person action/adventure game presents an original story and introduces a new character into the Lost universe. Interacting with Lost characters, exploring Lost landmarks, and uncovering the island's secrets are all key to Elliott's survival.

Gameplay includes Resident Evil-like fetch quests and puzzle solving. As in the TV series, the game has flashbacks which are part of the game storyline. The story follows the first two seasons of the TV series. You explore the locations seen in the show - caves, beach, the area belonging to "The Others" and swan station. You can also interact with other characters of the tv-series. Trading and taking pictures with a camera is also part of the gameplay.

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